In only a few days I will be off to the nief-norf Summer Festival in South Carolina.  Can’t wait for a week of meeting up with old friends and meeting new colleagues.  The first night I’ll perform John Luther Adams’s Strange and Sacred Noise, then coach a bunch of pieces I’ve never heard about.  Next weekend I’ll be giving a talk on Stockhausen’s Kontakte as part of the nief-norf Research Summit.  Busy few days, but completely worth it!

Can’t wait!



In true Lawrence fashion, LUPE’s Spring Concert was an absolute knockout!  Steve Reich’s Drumming Part 1, Clay Condon’s Fractalia, and the WI premiere of Mark Applebaum’s 30 rounded out the first half.  Then Nani Agbeli, with the help of fellow Lawrence alums Reed Flygt, Harjinder Bedi and Andrew Green, slammed through a wickedly difficult medley of music from Africa, Cuba, and Brazil arranged by LU students.  Amazing!

You missed it?  Watch it here – believe me, it’s worth it!